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Dirty Coco opened its doors in the midst of a global health pandemic in 2020 to a world where everything seemed impossible.


Ours is a unique story that began one evening in the tantalizingly aromatic kitchen of the Dirty Coco founders. The birth of an idea sprung from the memorable flashback of fingers smudged in chocolate, so we decided to brew and bake happiness not only for our families, but for yours.

Dirty Coco opened as a reminiscence of our childhood when it was a “thing” for us to dip mom’s sponge cake in molten chocolate. Since then we decided to unleash our creations in the capital of Sweden and share the nostalgia.

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at dirty coco, we believe life is too short for boring food & therefore we have decided to make it our mission to make incredibly delicious dishes to make it an unforgettable experience.

because food is love, sharing moments and enjoying life. it's a unique experience.

whether it be a great cup of coffee, an egg benedict, a fresh bowl or a delicious fika, in a cosy ambience serving this experience with so much love & a smile that makes it a better day. 

welcome to

the Swedish brunch, lunch

& Fika revolution

life is

too short

our tables stand as monuments against time, age & gender, discrimination, racism, & differences,

welcoming the yin and the yang...


let's forget our differences, feel free, be yourself & come as you are! let's celebrate life together!

come as you are!


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the menu?

what's on

brunch, lunch & fika all day

sweet Tooth?

you will find a selection of irresistible

American Pancakes

French Crêpes

Belgian Waffles

Chocolate-dipped fruits & strawberries

Cold & Hot Drinks

a cup of coffee?

Delicious Coffees & Tea selection

feeling hungry?

looking for a juicy bowl or a snack, try our:

Fresh Green Bowls

Sourdough Toasts

Brioche Bread Toasts

Grilled Brioche Sandwiches

and much more!​

and a nice fact: our menu includes vegan and gluten-free dishes, so everyone can enjoy this delicious experience.

Forbidden Bowl loq.png
our commitment to sustainability

every milkshake plastic cup you will ever see at dirty coco is 100% biodegradable and made from corn starch.

you can read more about dirty coco's packaging and sustainable products by clicking the button below.

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