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At dirty coco, we believe life is too short for boring fika & therefore we have decided it is our mission to make “Fika” an unforgettable experience.

Whether it be a great cup of coffee, a delicious chocolate dessert or a fresh Budda bowl, in a fairytale ambiance serving this experience with so much love & a smile that makes it a better day & an everlasting experience.

Passion is what drives us to dare, to dream and to go beyond the limits!

We believe in the details, they define who we are and what we stand for

welcome to

the Swedish Fika revolution

life is

too short

A 270 m² of pure fairytale dream, that will take you outside this world. Every corner of this boutique has a story to tell and a selfie that will never fail you!

Our interior has been designed with the most exclusive details & material, starting from Italian decor, marble tables, rose-gold details, bow-tie chairs, swings, more than 11,000 flowers on ceilings and walls, pink neon lights, an interior that will blow your mind and a bathroom experience that will give you the best bathroom selfie!

So you can have fun, make your best memories & have an unforgettable experience at Dirty coco.

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"dirty coco"

many have asked us why the name "dirty coco"?

having previously founded chocolate-focused fika cafés we decided it was time to offer something else besides our delicious chocolate desserts, it was time to introduce food.

we discarded the 100% chocolate identity and smudged it with something more. our pure chocolate history is not entirely pure anymore, it has become dirty coco.

you will still find amazing chocolate desserts in addition to irresistible Buddha Bowls & Avo Toast!

the menu?

what's on

Sweet Tooth?

you will find a selection of irresistible

American Pancakes

French Crêpes

Belgian Waffles

Chocolate-dipped fruits & strawberries

Cold & Hot Drinks

Feeling hungry?

looking for a juicy bowl or a snack, try our:

Buddha Bowls

Sourdough Toasts

Just a cup of coffee?

Delicious Coffees & Tea selection

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our commitment to sustainability

every milkshake plastic cup you will ever see at dirty coco is 100% biodegradable and made from corn starch.

you can read more about dirty coco's packaging and sustainable products by clicking the button below.