bubble tea

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say hello to our newest family member! BUBBLE TEA!

fika revolution

we are dirty coco, Stockholm's newest café destination, with one mission: offering you the dream experience in our fairytale interior design and a fun menu like no other!

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at dirty coco, we believe life is too short for boring fika & have made it our life mission to make “Fika” an unforgettable experience.

whether it be a great cup of coffee, a delicious chocolate dessert or a fresh Budda bowl, all set in our fairytale ambiance and serving you an experience with much love & a smile that makes it a better day & an everlasting experience.


we have designed a shop you could easily fall in love with from the moment you step in. Filled with more than 11'000 flowers, lots of unique furniture and a great mood, we offer 270 m² of fairytale design.

every corner of this boutique has a story to tell and a selfie that will never fail you.

so you can have fun, make your memories & enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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we are passionate about taste and visuals and promise that your food will taste as good as it looks!

we offer fresh Budda Bowls, Toasts, Chocolate Desserts & Fika as well as delicious Coffee selection and Drinks.

do not miss out on our signature handmade Waffles, Crêpes & Pancakes

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using the founders' previous experience from Choco Mania we have refined our processes and operate at near 0% food waste.

in order to minimize food waste & be more sustainable we prepare daily fresh foods which also ensures higher quality, leaving you and our planet happier.

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our commitment to sustainability

we promised ourselves to do things more sustainably and not to settle for anything but the best for everyone.

you can read more about dirty coco's packaging and sustainable products by clicking the button below.

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