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Welcome to the Dirty Coco online handbook.

This website will guide you through all the details regarding operating a Dirty Coco unit. Participation entails a responsibility towards the chain, you represent not only yourself but the entire chain with all its branches.

You will find details on menu items, all kinds of routines, marketing procedures, and more. We look forward to doing business with you. 

Dirty Coco was built on the notion that ‘nothing is impossible’, and validated that moto with insurmountable precision. The chain's continued growth and success depends, among other things, on your knowledge, experience and commitment.

The Dirty Coco sign outside the store signifies a commitment. It therefore obliges employees to look and act a certain way. As an equal-opportunity employer, this means globalizing our values of cleanliness, respect, dedication, and excellence. 

You are our partners in success! When we grow, you grow. All we have to do is make Dirty Coco a loving and professional place for each other, customers, and neighbors.

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our story

Dirty Coco opened its doors in the midst of a global health pandemic to a world where everything seemed impossible.


Ours is a unique story that began one evening in the tantalizingly aromatic kitchen of the Dirty Coco founders. The birth of an idea sprung from the memorable flashback of fingers smudged in chocolate,  so we decided to brew and bake happiness not only for our families, but for yours.

Dirty Coco opened as a reminiscence of our childhood when it was a “thing” for us to dip mom’s sponge cake in molten chocolate. Since then we decided to unleash our creations in the capital of Sweden and share the nostalgia.

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